Beirut Blast Response

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$25can provide 1-2 impacted families in Beirut with a hot meal or medical consultation
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On August 4th, a large explosion occurred in the Beirut port, killing over 175 and injuring over 6,500 people. Rescue efforts continue to find those who are still missing. The exact cause of the blast is pending investigation, but so far, it has been linked to 2,750 tons of confiscated ammonium nitrate.

The explosion had brought additional suffering to the Lebanese lives and had a significant impact on several densely populated neighbourhoods in Beirut and Mount Lebanon. Around 300,000 people have lost their homes and are in need of shelters, food, and medicines. The majority of displaced people are poor families, migrants and refugees living in underdeveloped areas. People have also lost their jobs, businesses, shops, restaurants, hotels, and public buildings.

The blast came in the midst of an existing economic collapse, depreciating currency, hyperinflation and shortage of dollars, fuel, food and medicines. Hundreds of thousands of Lebanese were affected by the blast and suffering its consequences. Caritas Lebanon (CL) is receiving an overwhelming number of calls regarding Lebanese victims of the blast and requesting a dire need for food, and medications, as well as financial support to cover the repair costs for their homes and shops. With limited resources, both human and financial, CL Is unable to respond to the overwhelming number of requests and is working as quickly as possible to address the most urgent needs of the community.

Given the increase in needs requested by the Lebanese and the inability to fulfil all requests under such dire timely circumstances (especially related to food, medication, and rehabilitation of small businesses/houses), CL decided to launch an Emergency Appeal in order to cover the needs of the Lebanese population affected by the blast in the following sectors: shelter reconstruction and rehabilitation, food, basic assistance, protection, health, education, support to small businesses etc.