Feeding The Hungry Poor In Binh Thanh District, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

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Goal SGD 30,000


*This cause is fully funded. Please consider donating to a different cause.


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$25can provide 2 hungry poor families in Vietnam with basic food packs to last 2 weeks 
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Donations in excess of target amount will be redirected to CHARIS’ Humanitarian Aid Fund.

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, there has been a reduction of donations by 30%.  In view of the reported 2nd Wave of COVID-19 in Vietnam, Focolare humbly appeals on behalf the Hungry Poor, who are drastically and adversely impacted. The situation in Vietnam is quite difficult, not so much for the rich and middle class, but for the poor; for those who are not in the international news and have to earn money during the day to buy food for dinner.
Focolare is reaching out especially to the group of disabled people: they cannot sell lottery tickets and they do not have money. It is incredible how widespread the need of food is. People are hungry, especially the aged, the lonely, street kids and ladies who have been abandoned by their husbands, and many others among them.  
Each fortnightly distribution is led by Focolare Social Workers, Volunteers, and Teachers from Pho Cap School, along with the procurement of eggs, rice and noodles at special wholesale prices from generous suppliers, evaluation & selection of beneficiary families, accountability, governance administration & logistics, complete with purchase invoices, signatures of recipients, photographs, videos and testimonials.

“Many people are thanking ''the people of Singapore'' as they love to say when they receive grocery bags with eggs, rice and noodles. All CHARIS members and donors can be sure that 'the cry of the poor is listened to by God', as Holy Scriptures says, so even the prayers and the tears of joy from the poor, I believe are seen by God. Think how wonderful: the Almighty God sees tears of joys which will give Him joy, from a world that, many days, continues to send cries of sufferings to His heart. This is a Miracle of Love: CHARIS is a Miracle of God and His hands for many children and families who are in difficult situations on this earth. Thank you very much on behalf of thousands of people!”
- Luigi Buitori, Director of Social Activities Operations, South East Asia Focolare Movement