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$10can provide 23 masks to Rohingya children, youths, and elderly in Bangladesh
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CHARIS Response To COVID-19

As the needs continue to grow in a world affected by the pandemic, CHARIS is prioritizing grants aimed at alleviating the suffering caused by COVID-19.
News are beginning to trickle in regarding a surge in COVID-19 cases in various developing countries, and we will need your support to enable us to be prepared to render aid to our brothers and sisters overseas in the first instance.

In the past financial year, CHARIS has pledged almost S$ 700,000 for the COVID-19 Humanitarian effort, reaching 112,000 beneficiaries.
Almsgiving from the community has aided in feeding and protecting the vulnerable who are suffering during this worldwide pandemic.

Amid The COVID-19 Global Pandemic, Let Us Unite In The Name Of Christ To Make Hope Happen For Those In Need.

The Humanitarian Aid Fund (HAF) was established to support the overseas humanitarian work of the church in Singapore. It provides humanitarian assistance to beyond just victims of natural disasters to all other forms of crises, adverse circumstances or humanitarian need that may occur overseas.

We rely on donations from the local Catholic community to help us in our humanitarian mission. Your contribution, of any amount, will go a long way to make a difference to our brothers and sisters overseas who live in poverty or are affected by disasters or strife.

For a limited time, new sign-ups of recurring donations of at least $10 monthly will receive a handcrafted handicapped Jesus. Handmade by disabled artisans in Cambodia, the handicapped Jesus symbolises their suffering and hope in Jesus. By carrying it, we are reminded to give meaning to our lives, limitations and disabilities that are attached to Christ’s passion. 

Your donations to CHARIS HAF will be used to provide grants to organisations undertaking disaster relief and humanitarian work. Humanitarian situations cover natural disasters and other adverse circumstances faced by the poor and needy, especially in developing countries in the region. These includes funding for food, medical aid, capacity building, and disaster risk reduction programmes for the long-term support of those displaced and in need.

Requests for grants for the HAF go through a rigorous grant process that includes evaluation, due diligence, monitoring and reporting. The stringent process ensures proper accountability and usage of funds. CHARIS also favours high impact projects, which are able to provide measurable outcomes that change lives in enduring ways.

Emergency Appeals go through an expedited process to respond quickly to all kinds of emergencies, which enables individuals to rebuild livelihoods, provides clean drinking water and basic sanitation services and hygiene items – from an earthquake or typhoon to famine or a refugee crisis.

Story of the handicapped Jesus

In Cambodia there is a very representative and inspiring image of Christ for us to think and pray, and feel close to the passion of Christ and His Saving Mission. The simplicity of the "Handicapped Christ" shows that today, people with disabilities, and particularly amputees in Cambodia, complete the passion and suffering of Christ Savior (Col 1.24) The Church, all children of God, God's creation show us today the reality of the Mystical Body of the Lord. But this “handicapped” Christ also shows that there is something “missing", something to be completed. God's love, forgiveness, His reconciling work, His peace, is yet to be known in all corners of humanity and become a reality for all. This “handicapped” Christ pushes and urges us to join in the Mission of Christ by our way of living sharing the Saving Justice of God to all corners of the world. The “handicapped” Christ gives meaning to our lives, limitations and disabilities that are attached to Christ's passion, the passion for the world.