Michael Jerrycho Purba, a beneficiary of Epiphany

Teach n Learn has helped me a lot! I managed to pass my university entrance examination which comprised of a 20% component in English. Teacher David also used parables to teach us moral values. I learnt how to be diligent, not to give up easily, and to respect lives as it is very valuable.

Everyone loves Games Day! We enjoy it as we get to improve our communication skills in English in a fun and interactive way. We have the chance to eat snacks from Singapore that cannot be found in Indonesia too! They taste so great!

My dream is not to be rich, but to do what Teach n Learn teachers have done for me. Even though I am no longer a student of this programme, my brother is. There are many children who need these teachers that I was fortunate to have. Every child has the potential. I believe that God’s grace came through Teach n Learn. And for others, perhaps the only opportunity that they will encounter God’s grace is through you.

“Teach the world. Make it a better place for you and me, and the entire human race. There are children waiting, if you care enough for the living.”
– Michael’s rendition of the Michael Jackson song Heal The World

Epiphany runs English programmes in the Riau Islands, Indonesia. They are a CHARIS affiliate.

Anne Claudine Tan, a SiGN volunteer 

We have been generously supported by CHARIS in their supply of drinking water to the Nazareth Bush School. They funded our construction of a water storage tower and bio-char water filtration system.

Mission work has humbled me in a way I never imagined possible when I started. It has taught me the importance of listening, not relying on my own strength, ideas and ego but to always turn to God for providence. It has also translated years of head knowledge into tangible encounters of God’s love through the people I meet. Their spirit of simplicity, faithfulness and joyfulness is an inspiration to me; the beautiful irony in that I receive so much more than what I bring to them.

Sowers in God’s Name (SiGN) focuses on pastoral work and journeying with orphans and teachers at Nazareth Bush School, an orphanage in Myaung Myeik, Myanmar. They are a CHARIS affiliate. 

Prema Mohan (in purple), a volunteer of Clare’s Missionary

CHARIS has graciously helped to finance the building of study centres, and provided us with solar lamps and clean water filters to serve communities in need.

Many are trying to speak the English language. Clare’s Missionary is committed to explore the dreams and ideas that were not previously accessible or plausible. We gave them opportunities to learn conversational English, and encouraging them to dream.

The work we do teaches me to rest in the divine, and do what I can from my limited knowledge and skills. I am constantly learning humility and that we are only human. I learnt that just being present to serve others and accompany them is what really matters.

Clare’s Missionary regularly conducts English lessons for the villagers at Malaysia. They are a CHARIS affiliate.