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  • date 30/06/2022 - 01/01/2100
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Who can volunteer?


"All of us are created in God’s image; yet as individuals each of us is unique. We have special talents and skills that can be used to help others in need. In the words of Mother Teresa “We can do no great things, only small things with great love.”

Volunteering, or giving of one’s self to help others, does not have to involve large complex initiatives. Our volunteers come from a variety of backgrounds and ages, with diverse skills. We need volunteers for a myriad of activities and no effort is too little. We value the support that all of our volunteers provide and we are always open to new volunteers to help in making hope happen.

Volunteering is integral to the work we do in CHARIS and does not have to involve large complex initiatives. To explore the possible areas where you can volunteer, read more below.

Service-Based Volunteering


Service-based volunteerism involves coming in contact with beneficiaries, often on a regular basis, making a lasting impact on our member organisations, our team, and the communities we serve. In CHARIS, service-based volunteering commonly relates to going on mission trips. We work closely with our Member Organisations, many of whom organise mission trips to benefit victims of disasters and other humanitarian situations, including helping to uplift communities. Many volunteers return regularly after being touched by the joy of the communities they helped, and the compassion which Christ had for the suffering. Read more about their experiences in Stories or about mission trips in our Get Involved page.

Skills-Based Volunteering


Skills-based volunteerism allows individuals or groups to leverage their talents and experience to support, strengthen, and multiply the efforts of CHARIS and our member organisations who might have constraints on resources or expertise in certain corporate functions. Examples of skills-based volunteering including administrative work, counting, graphic design, communications, photography, videography, etc.

Events-Based Volunteering


Events-based volunteerism involves providing support in various areas during events to enable it to run smoothly and efficiently. Such events include our courses and trainings like the mainstay Humanitarian Forum and Fair or Overseas Humanitarian Foundation Course, or outreach events held in parishes.