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Ukraine Humanitarian Crisis

In Support of the People of Ukraine
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Updates – 06 December 2022

During the start of the conflict, more than 575,000 Ukrainian refugees cross into Poland. Caritas Poland seeks to meet the immediate needs of the conflict-affected individuals through cash assistance. In April 2022, CHARIS disbursed SGD 50,000 in support of Caritas Poland, and more than 5,000 individuals benefitted from this project. The project was completed on 30 June 2022 and officially concluded on 6 December 2022.


Updates – 11 August 2022

More than 1.4 million people's lives have been positively impacted by the assistance provided by Caritas Ukraine and Caritas SPES. The assistance includes shelter, food, water, and financial aid. To stay on top of the needs on the ground as the war rages on, CHARIS continuously works with the Caritas Ukraine network.


Updates - 30 May 2022

In the early hours of 24 February 2022, the conflict in Ukraine started. The local population was already living in adverse circumstances prior to this, the conflict only serves to escalate humanitarian needs rapidly. In response, CHARIS has disbursed S$100,000 each to Caritas Ukraine and Caritas SPES on 25 April 2022 to meet the essential or other necessary needs of the people afflicted by the conflict. And S$50,000 on 25 April 2022 to help Caritas Poland in supporting the immediate humanitarian needs of the refugees from Ukraine. We are in close communication with the Caritas network in the region to assess the needs in the mid-long term which may require additional support. We ask for your continuous prayer, especially for Caritas staff on the ground serving those who are in need.




CHARIS Response To The Humanitarian Crisis In Ukraine

It pains our hearts to see the situation unfolding in Ukraine, and we cannot simply ignore the suffering of the people. The humanitarian crisis is worsening in Ukraine. Many are being displaced - families are torn apart and many have been forced to flee to neighbouring countries as refugees.

CHARIS has committed an initial S$100,000 from our Humanitarian Aid Fund to meet the humanitarian needs that are rapidly escalating, supporting Caritas Ukraine and Caritas SPES, who are on the ground reaching out to all those in need, as well as other Caritas/partner organisations that are responding to the arising needs from this humanitarian crisis. We welcome Catholics in Singapore who would like to contribute by joining us in prayer for peace and for all who are suffering, or to give their widow’s mite.

Prior to the open conflict occurring in Ukraine which started in the early hours of 24 February 2022, the local population was already living in adverse circumstances. Tetiana Stawnychy, President of Caritas Ukraine, says “there were already 2.9 million local people on both sides of the contact line who were in need of humanitarian assistance. Today, that number is increasing exponentially”. The situation has caused a loss of civilian lives, livelihoods, damage to infrastructure, food shortages, and displacement.

According to UNHCR’s latest statement on 28 Feb 2022, 520,000 people have fled Ukraine into neighbouring countries amidst the turmoil, and the numbers are rising drastically.

As the conflict intensifies, there is a pressing need to support the vulnerable and those who have been displaced. People are forced to move, arriving at train stations, bus stations, and administrative hubs in dire need of information and assistance; transportation to friends, family, and safe spaces for shelter and support; food, water, and items to protect from the harsh winter environment. Some also require urgent connections to pharmacies or doctors for medical needs, assistance with legal documents, and psychosocial support.



Project Location: Ukraine and beyond
Overall Objective: Support and meet essential and other necessary needs of the people afflicted by the war, including supporting families and individuals in their displacement through:

  • Providing access to information, hygiene supplies, food and water.
  • Mobilising Caritas staff to safely evacuate children to camp facilities in Western Ukraine.
  • Arranging transportation services for displaced families and individuals to reach their family and friends.
  • Provision of safe spaces for sleeping, washing up, and care for children.  
  • Providing psychological support for families and individuals to cope with the stress of displacement.
  • Other kinds of humanitarian aid and relief necessary

About Caritas Ukraine


Caritas Ukraine work first began in 1992, after Ukraine declared independence. It was set up by local Greek Catholic communities to distribute humanitarian assistance to poor families. However, the needs of society forced Caritas’ activity in Ukraine to expand which led to the formation of the international charitable foundation Caritas Ukraine in 1994.

Today, it works to coordinate the efforts of charitable organisations run by local Ukrainian Greek Catholic churches and to build cooperation with foreign Caritas chapters. As a result of the agency’s efforts, the current network of local charitable organisations has developed and expanded; as well as cooperation with foreign partners also continues to grow.

More about Caritas Ukraine:

About Caritas-Spes


Caritas-Spes, which means “Love” and “Hope” in Latin, is a charitable mission of the Roman Catholic Church in Ukraine. It was founded by the Roman Catholic Bishops of Ukraine in May 1995 and was later registered by the State Committee on Religious Issues in September 1996. Caritas was the first organisation to offer humanitarian assistance after Ukraine’s independence from the Soviet Union in 1991.

As the military conflict is still raging in the East of Ukraine, Caritas-Spes performs activities such as distribution of food, clothing and medicine. It provides psychological assistance to people in need and even some financial support to those living in areas that are not under government control. Caritas-Spes has also started a significant medical project which involves activities mainly in the Eastern part of the country.

More about Caritas-Spes: